October 17, 2021

Zario Travezz and Jackson Reed

Zario and Jackson start with a little interview introduction but soon get down to business. Jackson rubs on Zario’s cock through his mess undies as they kiss. He then works his way down Zario’s body, pulls down those undies and starts to work on Zario’s long, hard cock with his mouth. He only gets a sample before he is on his hands and knees with a wet tongue licking his fuck hole. "You want this dick"? Jackson is more than ready and after a little teasing Zario is deep inside Jackson’s ass, pounding away. Wanting more control, Jackson takes a seat on top of Zario and shows him just how good of a bottom he can be. From the tip to the balls, Jackson bounces up and down until Zario puts Jackson on his back and sucks his bottom boy dick for a while. Just a little snack break before it is time to go back to work on Jackson’s now loose hole. Jackson loves his hole worked but really wants a hot cum facial. Zario lays back, strokes his cock and gives Jackson what he wants, which makes Jackson shoot his own load quickly after.

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