September 25, 2021

Zack Ackland and Jeremy Feist – A Hole Is A Hole

Zack Acland is a whore hound, and it is time for an intervention. In fact, his dad, Jeremy Feist’s stepdad, has asked Jeremy to intercede. It seems their old man is concerned about the number of hookers Zack has been with. Meanwhile, Jeremy is concerned about the money Zack is wasting, so he decides to show Zack that a hole is a hole. And Zack, because he’s always horny, is willing to give it a go. Jeremy gets to work, sucking Zack’s cock. Zack returns the favor, but soon, it is time for a different sort of hole. Jeremy sits on his stepbrother’s face, and Zack goes to town, eating him out as if he were eating pussy. Jeremy mounts his brother and goes for a ride, but by then, Zack is in the zone. He bends Jeremy over and bareback fucks his little bro, who begs to be fucked like a cheap whore. Zack pumps and thrusts and stuffs Jeremy until he’s ready to explode. The big, meaty hunk cums right into Jeremy’s mouth, and Jeremy soon follows with a big load of his own. Now, Jeremy is hooked on servicing his brother. And Zack, well… turns out a hole truly is nothing more than a hole. Both are happy with their arrangement… Jeremy gets all the cock and cum he can handle, and Zack gets off on a cheap whore whenever he wants.

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