October 17, 2021

Drew Dixon and Ethan Chase – First Class

Drew Dixon turns on his camera to let us know he met a hot guy on the plane. Turns out to be none other than Ethan Chase. As soon as he enters, they get down to business, passing the camera back and forth between them. Combining point-of-view footage with regular cinematography, we soon get involved watching Ethan and Dew take turns as they make a meal of each other’s cock. We’re then treated to a mouth-watering rim session that will leave you drooling. But it is their bareback fucking that really gets us going, as Drew pounds the hell out of Ethan. Drew spews an enormous load of jizz all over Ethan’s backside, then slides back in to seed his hole. And as if that weren’t hot enough, Ethan begs Drew for his cum, who feeds it to the eager bottom. Ethan then flips on his back to jerk off, and with Drew giving him an assist, Ethan blows a thick, hot load they savor with a kiss.

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