October 17, 2021

Micah Martinez and Luke Hudson-Nice To Meet You

When Covid leaves your favorite bathhouse looking like a ghost town, it is time to make other arrangements. Micah and Luke are tired of striking out at the bathhouse and decide to take it back to Micah’s place. During the car ride, they start talking and Luke tells Micah that he has a pussy, which turns Micah on. Once they arrive Luke immediately rips his shorts off, followed by Micah’s shirt while they kiss. Luke then pulls his underwear down so Micah can eat his pussy out. Luke loves the feel of a wet tongue on his pussy lips, but now it is his turn to show Micah what his mouth can do. He has no problem swallowing every inch of juicy cock as Micah’s face fucks him. Once Micah is nice and hard, Luke sits down on his dick and lets his pussy go to work. Micah is enjoying the ride but is ready to take control. He bends Luke over and fucks him from behind before flipping him on his back and shooting his load all over Lukes used pussy.

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