October 17, 2021

Manuel Skye and Thyle Knoxx

Today, our friends at Badpuppy and showing us two of their most popular studs, Manuel Skye and Thyle Knoxx! Thyle lets his already hard cock pop out of his sweatpants with a couple of throbbing bounces, and then Manuel takes charge and starts kissing Thyle. This quickly ends the talking portion of the scene. They give each other hand jobs, showing off two perfect uncut cocks. Thyle starts to give Manuel a blowjob, but Manuel decides he’d rather taste Thyle’s cock and starts sucking on him for a couple of minutes. They switch up, with Thyle going back down on Manuel’s rock-hard meat. Manuel is already oozing pre-cum, which he strings between his cock and Thyle’s lips with his finger. Thyle finishes undressing, and then straddles Manuel’s face as Manuel starts sucking his cock, while also starting to loosen up Thyle’s tight hole with a few fingers. Manuel slides down on the couch a little bit, allowing Thyle to sit on his face and get rimmed by Manuel. At this point, Manuel is ready to fuck. He guides Thyle down on his bare, uncut sausage, and starts impaling him from below. They fuck like this for a few minutes, then switch positions with Thyle on all fours on the couch, and Manuel mounting him from behind. Thyle’s whimpering and groans (not to mention his hard-as-steel cock) indicate that he likes this position. Manuel stops to take a little break, while Thyle resumes sucking Manuel’s cock. After some expert cock-sucking, Manuel is ready to go again… he positions Thyle on his back with legs spread apart and, in the air, and resumes fucking Thyle’s tight and hungry hole. After some serious fucking, Manuel finally pulls out and starts jacking their two dicks together, cock-to-cock. Manuel blows first, shooting jizz all over Thyle… some hitting his face, and some shooting over his shoulder onto the couch. Manuel sticks his cum-soaked cock back inside Thyle for a moment, and then starts eating Thyle’s ass… licking out his own cum. That is all it takes for Thyle, it puts him over the edge as he starts spurting cum all over his own abs. Manuel licks Thyle’s cock clean, and then our two spent hunks collapse on the coach while continuing to kiss.

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