September 25, 2021

Jake Nicola and Donnie Argento

We open by getting to know more about the dance backgrounds of Jake and Donnie, but what we are really interested in is what moves they do together, starting with Donnie showing his skills on Jake’s hard and ready cock. Not to be outdone, Jack takes his turn working his mouth on Donnies dick. It isn’t long before Donnie is bent over the bed, with Jack behind him, getting his ass wet and ready for some thick cock. They take it slow to start, but that does not last long, as Donnie shows Jack just how good he takes dick from behind. He also uses those dancers’ legs to show us how good he can ride a cock as well. Jake then flips Donnie on his back to show him a move or two as he fucks a load deep into him, then works Donnies prostate, with his finger, till he shoots his load in Jake’s mouth.

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