October 17, 2021

Cris and Seth Knight

Cris and Seth Knight are a real-life couple and we get to know a little about them in the beginning, a little couch talk. That does not last long as these two show us better than they can tell us. After some heavy kissing and groping, Cris takes his man’s cock right down his throat, giving it all the attention it deserves. He knows how Seth likes it. The same can be said for Seth when he bends Cris over on the couch and devours his hole, then pulls back the cock for some intense pleasure. it is not long before these two are really showing us why they fell in love, with every inch of Seth’s dick filling Cris up. These two are so in touch with each other’s body that they cum almost at the same time, with Seth pulling out and shooting all over Cris’ hole.

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