October 27, 2021

Bentley Michael and Bennett Anthony

Well, Well, it is your luck day. Two sexy guys who like to flip fuck when they play.Bennett loves doing whatever pleases his partner. Top or Bottom, it does not matter as long as his partner is enjoying themself. Bentley is pretty much the same way, and after a little interview, these two back up their talk with hot action. After some kissing, Bentley gets down on his knees, pulls out Bennett’s cock and takes it right to the back of his throat. Bennett is enjoying the feeling of a warm mouth on his cock, but quickly wants to return the favor. Bentley is happy to switch. He loves looking down, grabbing Bennet by the hair and watching his dick disappear. Bentley then spins Bennett around and licks his beautiful, ginger asshole before sliding his dick inside of him. Bennett moans in pleasure as Bentley fucks him from the back. After some nice, long, deep, thrusts it is time to switch it up again. Bentley gets on his back, lifts his legs in the air and enjoys Bennetts tongue in his ass before slowly getting it filled up with cock. The feeling of Bennett’s dick inside of him is so great that Bentley soon shots his cum all over his belly, with Bennett right behind him with his own load to mix in.

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