October 27, 2021

Sean Duran and Killian Knox

Hunky Sean Duran and Killian Knox met in California for some hot action, and now they are in Miami. After their interview, Sean reaches Killian’s cock, leans over, and woofs the whole thing down his throat. Passionate kissing ensues between them as they take turns blowing each other. Killian props himself up on all fours and Sean shoves his wet tongue deep into Killian’s hole. The tongue fucking gets Killian worked up and once he’s primed, Sean pushes his thick, raging cock deep into Killian. They start off slow, but soon the bed is rocking as Sean pounds hard and fast. Killian becomes vocal with every thrust. In a hot twist, Sean lays back on the bed and offers his ass to Killian’s thick piece of meat. Killian pushes deep and starts to pound, just as hard as he was receiving. Sean jacks in rhythm to the motion as Killian hits that sweet spot. Sean spurts a thick load of cum all over his ripped abs and Killian follows with a heaping load. And as the camera fades, we leave these two hot studs in a deeply passionate kiss.

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