October 17, 2021

Romeo Davis and Sean Peak

Doing something you know you should not be doing, is thrilling, especially when it comes to sex. Even more so, if you are doing it with someone you know you should not, and during a time when caution might be a better option. But lust must be satisfied, and fires must burn. And there is no other alternative except to give in. Sean Peak needs a big one, and Romeo Davis needs to bury his monster cock. And few get any bigger than Romeo. Sean is up for the challenge, but can’t host. So Romeo invites him over. What follows is a messy, noisy make-out session, an attempt by Sean to suck on Romeo’s monster cock, and a sloppy ass-rimming from Romeo. When the time comes for the main event, Romeo goes slow, stuffing Sean’s tiny little hole with that massive, uncut slab of meat. Once Romeo’s in, jammed tight up that ass, he grabs hold of Sean’s waist and pounds. With every thrust, Romeo pushes Sean over the edge. After a while, Sean ends up riding and slamming down hard Romeo on that juicy, mouthwatering cock. Furiously masturbating, Sean shoots an enormous load, which Romeo samples. Sean then gives up his ass once more, and Romeo splatters hot cum all over the freshly fucked ass, leaving Sean stretched out, and with a fresh seeding.

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