October 27, 2021

Leo Forte and Jake Morgan

Leo Forte and Jake Morgan finish an incredible interview before Leo effectively attacks Jake. These two beefy studs quickly strip off their clothes, both their cocks are rock hard and Leo spins Jake around telling him to bend over. Leo drops to his knees, buries his face in Jake’s ass and begins working his tongue in and out, priming Jake for his thick, uncut cock. Leo stands up, points his dick at Jake’s hole and slowly slides it in. It does not take Jake long to get into it and Leo literally starts pounding away at Jake’s ass, pausing periodically when he bottoms out and he tries to drive his cock even deeper. Leo lays down on the floor and motions for Jake to sit down on his cock. Jake obliges and in no time at all he’s bouncing up and down with Leo thrusting from below. Leo grabs onto Jake and with his dick still up Jake’s ass they roll over so that Jake is on his back with his legs in the air. Leo goes back to pounding the hell out of Jake’s hole and Jake grabs his cock and starts jacking. Leo hits the right spot and has to pull out because he starts dumping jizz all over Jakes cock and hand. Leo’s cum gives Jake some extra lube and as Leo massages his balls and fingers Jake’s hole, Jake blows a thick load into Leo’s mouth. The cum that initially escapes Leo’s mouth gets licked up as these two hot and sweaty studs collapse onto each other.

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