October 27, 2021

Stand Out

Answer truthfully. What stands out most when you look at a man? If they are standing side-by-side fully clothed, it might be their eyes, or maybe their face. For others, it might be the body or even the bulge. If they turn around, it just might be the ass. It all depends on what you are attracted to. Now, if you stood those same men naked, we know what OUR answer would be. Except that Angel Ferrari, Joel Someone, Marco Napoli, Dave London, Mateo Fernandez, Josh Stone, and Ray Diesel all have much more than that. Whether it is a smoldering look, the type of thick lips you want to kiss until you die, an ass to kill for, or the kind of cock that makes your insides melt, your cock drool with pre-cum, and your butthole pucker, these men are sexy fuckers that Stand Out!

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