October 27, 2021

Brian Bonds and Alex Hawk – In and Out

In this hectic age, it is important to take a moment from our busy lives to focus, gather our thoughts, and center ourselves. For Alex Hawk, his favorite way to regroup is meditation. Deep breath in…slow exhale out. For Brian Bonds, it is fucking. Brian offers Alex his cock to consider and focus on, instead of trying to harness his chi and realign his chakras by moaning "ooohhhmmm." Now, some might say that cock worship isn’t exactly meditation, but it IS something to focus on. Just ask anyone in the Phallic Brotherhood. Alex is eager to bring new focus and sexual energy into alignment, so he devours Brian’s big dick. He then gives up his ass for a different sort of In and Out. Brian gives Alex the bareback fuck of a lifetime, and thus, heals and centers the bottom cock whore, if not wrecks his hole, then seeding him with the spark of life!

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