October 17, 2021

August Alexander and Mason Lear

Would you cheat on your boyfriend with his best friend? What if you were already fuck buddies? August has a new boyfriend. He really enjoys their time together and is growing some feelings of true love. Unfortunately his boyfriend has a bestfriend, Mason, who just happens to be a fuck-buddy of August from back in the day. They always had amazing sexual chemistry and that was evident as soon as August walked through the door, saw Mason on the couch, took his shirt off, got on his knees and said hello with his tongue. They quickly took off all their clothes so Mason could get a good taste of August dick as a reminder of the good ole days. Then it was August turn to suck on Mason’s dick before he bent over the couch and had Mason eat his ass. Once Mason got it wet enough, he slipped his cock deep into August. It fit like an old glove and soon he was fucking August all over the couch, hitting all of his beautiful bottom’s sweet spots. Soon Mason was spilling his warm seed all over August insides, before taking most of August’s load in his mouth and then kissing him with it.

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